Final IMP-TV Show this Saturday

August 21, 2010, 12:18 am by Vince

The last IMP-TV show on AZTV7/Cable13 late Sat night at midnight is incredible. If you've never watched IMP before, watch this show finale!


IMP Latest News!

July 16, 2010, 1:38 pm by Shane

We are up to Episode 40 of the IMP episode archives as of 8-22-10 and rapidly catching up!

IMP's last AZTV airing is 8-21-10.

IMP RADIO now on Tuesday nights at 7pm and Thursday nights at 11pm on 106.7 KWSS or streaming online at!


Video/Multimedia intern needed to help with uploading band segments to our website and to YouTube.  Can be for credit or not.  Office is located in South Tempe.

Graphics intern needed to help with T-shirt design, website revamp, and more graphic-related endeavors.

Please e-mail Shane at if you can help!

Watch the show, tell us what you think and who you want to see.  You can call our feedback line at 314-431-8240 on our forum or on our myspace ( or!

Thank you for being one of the 40,000-70,000 people that watch Indie Music Phoenix weekly in the great AZ state!

Rock on,

Shane Matsumoto

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Episode List

IMP-TV Episode 049

Stinkweeds: Ashes of Erin, Captain Squeegee, F.U.M.E. Bros., Strange Young Things

IMP-TV Episode 048

Lightrail: I Watched Her Die, Speakeasy Tiger, Sihr, Jared-isms, Tugboat, IMP wins New Times Best Of…

IMP-TV Episode 047

Hellas Mounds, Via Vengeance, Gomi, Source Victoria

IMP-TV Episode 046

February State, Boogie Man, Ashes of Erin Video, Let Down Right

IMP-TV Episode 045

First Friday/When In AZ Comp: Flyaway Tigers, StellaLuna, Matt Reveles & Fancy Cloud, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Greyhound Soul

IMP-TV Episode 044

Incubus, WWE Miss E, Foundation for Blind Children, KWSS Kevin Gassman, The Killik Group, Isle of Essence, Downcast Fable, Garage Shock

IMP-TV Episode 043

Sinclairs Revenge, Haymarket Squares, Los Guys

IMP-TV Episode 042

Of the Earth, Sacred Reich, Kunle, Auto Man Empire

IMP-TV Episode 041

Souls Of We, Bry Navarro, Crusher Sound System, Austin Gibbs

IMP-TV Episode 040

Trivium, Bullet 4 My Valentine, All That Remains, Behemoth, What Laura Says

IMP-TV Episode 094 - The extended 40 minute version

The epic farewell of IMP-TV on AZTV for now. This 1st draft extended version has about 12 more minutes than the version that was trimmed further down to air on AZTV August 22nd, 2010.

IMP-TV Episode 039

Black Carl - Mayhem Tour (Black Dhalia, Cannibal Corpse, Killswitch Engage)

IMP-TV Episode 038

(Best of) Sen Dog, Chester Bennington, Digital Summer, The Rocketz, Dave Ellefson, Phunk Junkeez, Hed PE, Suicidal Tendencies, Silver Medallion, and Jared-isms

IMP-TV Episode 037

Medina Lake, Vains of Jenna, Day to Remember, Pierce the Bell, Deer in the Headlights, Escape the Fate, Hit the Lights

IMP-TV Episode 036

Threefold Fate, Fallen Glory, The Relics, Quarantine, The Video Nasties, Abraham Drinkin, Outernational, The Blackout, Shad, Ivy League, Innerparty System, Tat

IMP-TV Episode 035

The Attitude, Embers Rise, Embrace the Dream Music Video, Stereotyperider

IMP-TV Episode 034

Julien K, Threefold Fate, Jared-isms (With Casket Snatch), Sunday Takeover Results: The Skacas.

IMP-TV Episode 033

Gravitron, Embers Rise, Lucky D, Scott Van Heldt, The Spider Hole music video, The Necronauts

IMP-TV Episode 032

Music Video by Audra. Sunday Takeover bands: Ka$hlee Klausen, Terra Firma, Casketsnatch, Flying Monkey Demons, Halemaumau, and Goodbye to Pretty.

IMP-TV Episode 031

Horns & Halos (with music of Paradigm Lost), Sunday Takeover bands: Adams Evil, Psychedelic Mooj, Bodewell, and The Market!

IMP-TV Episode 030

Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), Butcher Jones, Sunday Takeover Bands: Graceful Degradation, Canadian Contraband, Skacas

IMP-TV Episode 029

MC Magic, Sunday Takeover Bands: Krazy AZ, HFL, Nomada, and Former Friends of Young Americans

IMP-TV Episode 028

Small Leaks Sinks Ships, So and So, Sunday Takeover Bands: Of the Earth, Vanessa Atalanta, The Relics, and Sprayface

IMP-TV Episode 027

AZ Tattoo Expo and Roger Meret

IMP-TV Episode 026

OPM & Literates, Fayuca, Dry River Yacht Club

IMP-TV Episode 025

Sen Dog (Formerly of Cypress Hill), Brian "Head" Welch (Formerly of Korn), Flotsam & Jetsam, & Neba

IMP-TV Episode 024

Big B, PTWKAF, Music Video: FUME Bros - "P.S.A.P.", Tilted Lids, Milky & Pattiak, P6 live

IMP-TV Episode 023

The Dames, Katastro, Of The Earth - the making of their music video: Maestro, Premiere of "Maestro"

IMP-TV Episode 022

AZ Derby Dames, Butcher Jones, Grave Danger, Music Video: Hollow - "Peel", Jared-isms

IMP-TV Episode 021

Music Video: The Love Me Nots, 8th Day, Androgyne X, Drainage X, Product of Da Streez, Head Hurtz Monstarz, Da Maab, Zona, Rod Bell, Ideatia: Wrap up.

IMP-TV Episode 020

Night at the Yucca Tap: Silver Medallion, Headroom, Pure CoIncidence, Property Six, Ideatia

IMP-TV Episode 019

Hall 13, Saint Dog, DGAF, Pure Coincidence, Ideatia: Mannor, & Special Ed!

IMP-TV Episode 018

Japanese Monsters, Androgyne X, Barley Pop, Ideatia: Roxy

IMP-TV Episode 017

The Revenge, One: DJ Strickler/Joe DiPadova/Rani G, a tour of the old Highland Recorders, Headroom music video "Welcome to Turtlewoods", Ideatia: Jarrod

IMP-TV Episode 016

Bollox, "Scottsdale" Music video by Silver Medallion, Quarter Inch Crown, Ideatia: Bill

IMP-TV Episode 015

Horns & Halos present the AZ Fetish Ball (Android Lust, WOMB, All The Pretty Horses), Embrace the Dream, Ideatia (Andy)

IMP-TV Episode 014

hed (pe), The Verdicks, Tramps & Thieves, Ideatia (Tony), and Special Ed.

IMP-TV Episode 013

Suicidal Tendencies, Soulifide, Brittney Elizabeth, Lankester, The Rocketz, and High Rollers.

IMP-TV Episode 012

Team Cartel X-treme motocross, Digital Summer, Roveen, From Dark, TenTen clothing co. & Sickgirl clothing co., Loveblisters, & Resisting Tension.

IMP-TV Episode 011

Phunk Junkeez, Legendary Carvin Jones, The Loveblisters, X-Rated, Cardiac Party, Property 6 Music video, Mikey C

IMP-TV Episode 010

The Love Me Nots - Funky Formal: Drunken Immortals, Of the Earth - Greenbuds & Jam: Dark Side Immortals, Head Hurtz Monstarz, P6, Milkman & Pattiak - Blue Dragon Tattoo

IMP-TV Episode 009

This week will have Mr. Chappelle(?!?!?) introducing the best-of season 1 segments from A-Bomb & [sic]monic to Kinch, P6 & Zella Day. There will also be a sneak peek into the upcoming season with Digital Summer, The Love Me Nots, and Ideatia.

IMP-TV Episode 008

Our Christmas present to you is a show of nearly all music video content from your favorite indie bands. Here is the artist lineup for the IMP show that aired on Christmas night: Kirkwood Dillinger, St. Madness, [sic]monic, Headroom, Brittney Elizabeth, Hollow, and Sounds of Birds.

IMP-TV Episode 007

A-Bomb & the G-Note, Music Videos: Emocion "Let Go" & The Rocketz "KILLING", Phoenix Parade of the Arts - Porengui & Groupo Liberdade, Crazy Mafia, and Rumspringer

IMP-TV Episode 006

Kinch, Dirty Heads, In the Studio: David Ellefson pt. 2, Local Hotspot: Atmosphere Salon

IMP-TV Episode 005

Video: F5 - "Nailed to the Gun" (Wisch Dr. Productions), Dave Ellefson (Formerly Megadeth now F5), Signs of Betrayal, The Liars' Handshake & The Revenge

IMP-TV Episode 004

Bomber, The Michael Paul Project, Yucca Tap bands, and Jared from Liars Handshake and the Yucca Tap Room

IMP-TV Episode 003

No Use for a Name, Property Six, Kathy Mabry, Rodney Hu (Yucca Tap Room) & Liars' Handshake

IMP-TV Episode 002

Ends in Tragedy, Calabrese, Sonorous, Zella Day (MTV reality show star)

IMP-TV Episode 001

Show sponsor: LEAN Wellness Center, KMK, Black Hell, [sic]monic, music video by Calabrese